P/N: CL-O015-PL00BL-A
Fan Controller > TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition
Características Galería Especificaciones Video Soporte Think Green

P/N CL-O015-PL00BL-A
Dimensión 90 x 90 x 7.5 mm
LED Synchronize ASUS Aura Sync
Device Connector 9 Pin * 9
Power Connector SATA
Voltaje 12 V & 5V
Peso 85 g
Product Support Riing Plus 12/14 (CL-F053/F054/F056/F057/F059)
V-GTX 1080Ti Plus ASUS/MSI(CL-W194/W195)
Lumi Plus LED Strip(CL-O014-PL00SW-A)
Floe 240/360/280(CL-W157/W158/W167)
PR22-D5 Plus(CL-W187-PL00SW-A)
RL360 Plus(CL-W182-AL00SW-A)
W4 Plus(CL-W181-CU00SW-A)
Pure Plus 12 ( CL-F063-PL12SW-A)
Riing Plus 20 (CL-F070/F071)
Rad Plus LED Panel (CL-W220-PL00SW-A)

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