Thermaltake Launched the TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB High Static Pressure Fan Pull Up Your Light Show

Thermaltake Launched the TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB High Static Pressure Fan
 Pull Up Your Light Show


Taipei, TaiwanOct 13th, 2022Thermaltake , the leading PC DIY premium brand for Case, Power, Cooling, Gaming peripherals, and enthusiast Memory solutions, announces their high-end high static pressure radiator fan, the TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB. Thermaltake’s TOUGHFAN lineup has long been exceptional in terms of cooling capability, and their newest TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB takes things even further with its unique design, and RGB lighting effects.

Built upon the fundamentals of an already high-performing TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 high static pressure fan, now we’ve introduced magnificent RGB lighting into the series to make the TOUGHFAN 12/14 RGB pop. Let’s start from its look, boasting its luminous fan frame design with 24 addressable 16.8 million color LEDs, TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB empowers users to explore the possibilities of ultimate personalization from the ground up. The design encourages users to get creative with their builds and colors in a variety of ways, which is exhilarating. Besides, it is worth mentioning that TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB natively works with the all-new 4th generation software controller, so that you will experience a more stable connection across TT RGB PLUS products and perky RGB lighting effects.

On the other hand, cooling performance is the last thing you should be worried about since the TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB is a PWM-controlled fan, which has a fan speed of up to 2000RPM, allowing it to push respectable airflow while retaining a low perceivable noise levels. For those who are in search of a quiet, well-cooled, and comprehensive system, TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB is undoubtedly a fantastic, well-rounded option.

Regarding its build quality, TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB shares the same full steel motor hub that the previous TOUGHFAN series utilizes, offering proven stability and durability for years to come. On top of that, paired with 2nd generation hydraulic bearing, which highlights a new shaft design within etches, it allows TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB to stay lubricated for an extended period of time while significantly decreasing unwanted fan noise. Moreover, the liquid crystal polymer (LCP) fan blade is the icing on the cake, bringing down the in-operation vibration by an impressive margin. Last but not least, the transparent rubber pads around the corners of the fan frame make it more engaging with your RGB lighting shining through the entire chassis.

Cooling performance, aesthetic presentation, and build quality can never be understated and must not be compromised. Hence, we created the TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB, which checks all the boxes, and we would like to invite you to unveil more creative ideas in your build while keeping it cool at all times. The way we see it, the TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB high static fan is exactly what you need to level up your next build.
TOUGHFAN 12/ 14 RGB High Static Pressure Fan Features:
Unique Glowing Design
TOUGHFAN RGB is specially designed with a unique luminous fan frame with 24 addressable 16.8 million color LEDs evenly distributed within its frame. TOUGHFAN RGB adds more personality to the TOUGHFAN series and brings more lighting personalization options into your build.
Unparalleled Cooling Performance
TOUGHFAN 12 RGB high static pressure fan can perform at a maximum operating speed of up to 2000 RPM, producing a consistent airflow of 53.75 CFM with 2.4 mm-H2O static pressure and maintaining a low audio noise level of 21.2 dB-A.
Better Experience and Greater Lighting Effects
TOUGHFAN RGB adopts an all-new 4th generation software controller that can increase connection stability while syncing up TT RGB Plus supported products, allowing 16.8M RGB color lighting effects to match with any theme you wish.
Caution: Due to voltage limitation, it is recommended not to connect more than 3 TOUGHFAN RGB/ SWAFAN/Riing Quad/Riing Trio fans to a single controller. You can only add a maximum of 6 TOUGHFAN RGB/ SWAFAN/Riing Quad/Riing Trio fans with two controllers by a single 4pin Molex cable.
Exceptional Blade Design
To minimize the fans operation noise, the fan blades are constructed using Liquid crystal polymer (LCP), a high tensile strength and low thermal expansion coefficient material.
2nd Generation Hydraulic Bearing
The TOUGHFAN RGB is also made with the 2nd generation hydraulic bearing, which incorporates a new shaft design with inside etches, allowing preservation of lubricant on both sides while reducing noise during operation—lowering audible levels and extending the lifespan for the fans.
Metal-Reinforced Motor Hub
The TOUGHFAN RGB's center is constructed with the same full steel motor hub as any other TOUGHFAN series product, providing enhanced stability and durability.
Anti-Vibration Mounting System
To best express the RGB lighting of TOUGHFAN RGB, we especially developed a transparent anti-vibration rubber pad that can dampen the fan's vibration, allowing the fan to spin at higher levels without compromising noise levels to show off RGB lighting at all angles. The fan is designed to cover a large surface of all corners, maintaining low noise levels when in operation.
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